Involving the Rwandans Diaspora in any process aiming at building peace in Rwanda is crucial because all conflicts that affected Rwanda in the past came from Rwandans living outside of the country. The Rwandan Diaspora also plays an important economic and political role. Over the last 5 years IRDP has consulted Rwandans living abroad on a regular basis on the different topics of its research. The participants have expressed their strong interest in participating in more frequent debates because the Rwandan Diaspora is ethnically divided and often quite disconnected with what is happening in Rwanda.

Currently, collaboration with the Diaspora is being reinforced. IRDP will create, in a near future, at least 3 permanent debate forums in Europe, Africa and North America in towns where there is a great number of Rwandans. During a pilot phase, teleconference will help IRDP to overcome the distance challenge. It will be used to be regularly in contact with the members of Diaspora forums and to involve them in the debates on issues of national interest organized by IRDP at the Peace Centre in Kigali.