The activities that will be implemented by RPEP are in two main categories: Outreach and Kigali based programmes.  For the outreach program the following activities are planned:

  • The peace building mobile exhibition organized by Aegis Trust/KGM, which is a new concept for peace education in Rwanda. The mobile exhibition will visit 20 communities across Rwanda; each for a 21 day period .The visit to the exhibitions will be promoted in advance and accompanied by different media. The existing community groups will be informed by the partners during regular meetings and trainings. Visitors are booked groups (students, teachers and local associations) as well as spontaneous visitors.
  • Radio debates will be organized at national and local level by RLB and community based programmes involving peacemakers, parents, youth and community members will be organised. Also will be produced some episodes of Musekeweya during RLB outreach activities.
  • Celebrations and sharing experience/knowledge events bringing together different groups in the communities.

The Kigali based activities include:

  • Workshops
  • Teachers, students and youth trainings

IRDP will organise training in Kigali at the Peace Centre for Educators, students and youth organisation representatives in peace education and participatory approaches (world school debate, policy debate, etc). Aegis Trust will also organize teachers’ trainings on genocide education.

  • I-witness

USC SF will work with Aegis directly on new testimony collection, curation, cataloguing and indexing. These additions will provide a range of experiences that are reflective and contribute to peace education activities which will support and align with the goal of building a peaceful society. As a result, not only more testimonies will become accessible to support the education programmes in Kigali and in the community, but also capacity will be deepened and increased to expand and further develop the resources and their accessibility.

  • Archives

Support for archives preservation, digitalization and indexation; to preserve  records of researches and other activities, promote their security and use archival materials, IRDP will benefit from the Aegis Trust technical support. Aegis will assist