The RPEP has the overall objective of promoting social cohesion, positive values – including pluralism and personal responsibility – empathy, critical thinking and action in order to build a more peaceful society.  It will bring together the depth of experience from the partners, which by working together will take peace education to a new level adding significant value to the work already being undertaken. RPEP specific objectives are the following:

  • Promote critical thinking and dialogues/debates among key social actors on peace related issues in order to increase their ability to develop and act on their

own opinions and to inspire and equip them to educate others in their communities;


  • Support teachers, school administrators and government agencies through training opportunities to deepen their knowledge of and capacity to teach using participatory approaches;
  • Advocate to decision makers for the integration of peace education and participatory approaches in school curricula by demonstrating achievements and success stories.
  • Strengthen the capacity to collect and channel testimony and relevant data or artefacts to others in order to provide knowledge, social and emotional engagement and a space for all to reflect and engage in open debate on how peace is best secured in Rwanda.